Thoughts on the 21st century art salon

Tate Modern London

My coach had me ask my friends what they think I should do with my life. One of the best and most original answers is that I should host salons. My mind goes wild! I see a dimly lit private library with Chesterfield sofas and a hand-drawn globe. A smart group of fancy-dressed people conversing about post-modernism and conceptual art. All bearing nostalgic appreciation for bygone things, such as leather book covers and pointy mustaches. And some sipping gin-tonic with clove and orange zest. You get the picture. Yet in more real terms, salons are a great way to share ideas with like-minded people. That’s why I am attending an art salon this weekend.

Spotify tip while reading this post:

This art salon takes place at the Kunstuitleen (Art rental) in Rotterdam. Two speakers will tell us something about the brothers Chabot. There is no better person than the daughter and cousin of the two artists, to tell us about their lives and art. And speaker two, an art historian, shows us paintings by artists inspired by the Chabots and from the collection of the art rental.

I wonder what a 21st century art salon looks like. I’m hoping for tolerance, since I don’t know much about Chabot. I wonder and doubt if the average age will be anywhere close my own number 30. Will there be like-minded people indeed? And I am curious to see what the new location of the art rental looks like. They are now at Goudsesingel, close to the center of Rotterdam, and I used to live in that street.

Secretly, I will be looking out for someone with a pointy mustache.

Featured photo by: Sanne Helbers. Taken of Museologue’s Yvette in Tate Modern London, 2017.

Second photo derived from Kunstuitleen Rotterdam.

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