7 deadly sins in Vice Versa hotel in Paris

different hotel in Paris

If you are looking for a hotel in Paris, slightly different than the rest, you will be happy discovering Vice Versa. The entire hotel is decorated according to the seven deadly sins: seven floors, each devoted to one of the sins. On the other hand it feels a bit boudoiresque. The interior is completely designed by renowned lingerie designer Chantal Thomass. In other words, this is a lovely place to let your inner sinner out. 

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The Vice Versa hotel in Paris is a special cookie. All the conventions of hotel decoration are thrown over board. As each floor has rooms devoted to one of the deadly sins it is possible to find yourself in the midst of Envy: Louboutin wallpaper and luxurious pillows. Or you sleep under the life size portrait of a France emperor, immersing in Pride. A boudoir room, sure! You will find a heart shaped mirror above the bed and corset laces on the carpet. And last but not least, if you had the lifelong fantasy of doing a number 2 on a golden toilet seat, this is your chance.

Designer Chantal Thomass

The one-of-a-kind decoration of hotel Vice Versa sprouted from the imagination of Chantal Thomass’. She is a lingerie designer with a sexy boutique in Paris and collections in many lingerie stores. She loves the Parisian boudoir style and loves to go a bit over the top. An extravagant Parisian lady who has an imagination worthy of envy. She designed every bit of the hotel, custom styling even the large macaron pillows and unicorn lamps in the white room.

The hotel: practical info

You find Vice Versa in arrondissement 15, which is the neighborhood south the Eiffel Tower arrondissement. Like anywhere in Paris there are two lines of subways close to the hotel, but it is nice to be out of the busy center. Check for more info their website.

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