Museologue is an inspiration blog on 21-century life. Featuring meaningful career moves, personal leadership, personality. Originality and art. Experiences and unique discoveries. We love people who choose their own paths, dare to live differently, create bold careers and bolder lifestyles. In other words: all those things that people do & create that inspire us and inspire you.

One of the things that inspire us is music. Indie, jazz, everything in between. You will find a Spotify song tip in each of our blog posts. While you’re reading they will be as soundscapes, an extra dimension to the blog.

Who we are

Yvette Museologue
FOUNDER & EDITOR // “My friends know it: in each new city I visit, I can’t resist checking out local art. Sometimes it’s the only destination. I just love beautiful and meaningful things that help me take a different look at the world. I studied history and have always loved people’s stories. Since forever I have been writing in each profession and in every other part of my life. Those loves combined make Museologue part of who I am. I aim to delve inspiration from all those cool things people do and make, in whatever shape or form it comes. Originality and non-conventionality inspire. And if, in turn, my blogposts about that inspire anyone else, then my mission is accomplished!”
Marcio Museologue
Márcio Dias Leite
PARTNER & NETWORKER // “I’ve always loved art as much as, ehrrr, an elephant on wheels.. As long as it moves and it looks funny I’m hooked. But put me in a gigantic art museum and you will find me fascinated with looking at the faces and behavior of other people. I’m an idea machine and everyone’s friend. That’s why I am a networker with Museologue. Or is it because my girlfriend started this website?”

Good to see you! I'm Yvette, founder & editor at Museologue. This place serves you stories on cool careers, bold life choices, mind buzzing art, personal leadership, travel, and all the other inspiring things people do and create!
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Our guest writers

Vincent Deschampes, museum researcher

Lise Lotte Pel, art fanatic

Wim de Natris, historian

De Kunstverleidster

We’re always looking for guest writers. Share your take on things and be published. Drop us an e-mail at demuseologue(@) Meet you soon!