What is Amsterdam Art Weekend?

Daniel Gordon watermelon 2013

I love discovery trips where you don’t know what you will find. For that reason I can’t wait for Amsterdam Art Weekend to start. I was so impressed with the number of galeries, museums, and other venues participating, how come I never heard of this event before? So here’s a little background on this grand event if you feel the same way. This way we both learn about it.

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EYE, Photo by Hank Graber


Daniel Gordon, photo by Foam


The event is meant to show contemporary art

Mainly by young talents…

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You can see expositions, follow conversations, enjoy performances and witness screenings.

You can visit nearly 30 galeries around Amsterdam

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The Art Weekend of 2014 will be the third edition


Project Space PS

Museums participating:

  • Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

  • Apple Arts Center

  • EYE

  • Foam

Gallery opening hours:
Thursday Nov. 27: 18 – 21 hrs
Friday Nov. 28 : 12 – 20 hrs
Saturday Nov. 29: 12 – 20 hrs
Sunday Nov. 30: 12 – 18 hrs

Info & tickets


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