Andy warhol rocks Liverpool

From today, November 7th, Liverpool hosts Andy Warhol, the master of pop art. It’s all plastic fantastic in Tate’s sister museum in northern England. It is the ultimate reminder of the bubbling sixties, when popular culture imprinted the world with a neon glow. Exciting!

And yes, keep asking yourself that eternal question. Is what Warhol made art? Or is it arty and cool, but worth much? The meaning and value of art was never so under scrutiny as with pop art, led by mister Warhol. And it remains on the surface with contemporary art in the age of crises and cost cutting.

Celebrity photography in negative-like colors, life-size daisies in duplicity, mass products painted on canvas, you can expect everything colorful and basal from Warhol. Always in cool combinations, of course. In the sixties this kind of images was totally new to the world.  It was intertwined with the culture of the young and free generations. Art or not, Warhol’s work was a direct product of the sixties climate. A lively sign of a gone decade that had repercussions until today.

For those reasons I’d like to trip to Liverpool to see the exhibition. Unfortunately I’m caught up in a three week travel to Thailand and Myanmar for the moment 😉 more on that soon!

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