The most important art events in November (Netherlands)

November is a fat month when it comes to art events. Museums open brand new exhibitions. You can buy your dream piece for € 200 at the most accessible art fair in the Netherlands. Or highlight the dark days to Christmas looking at colorful neon art in Amsterdam. Have a great month!

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1. Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam

2 – 6 November, Kromhouthal

I am a huge fan of this art fair. The art at this fair goes for prices as nice as € 100 to € 1.600. That makes it an amazing place to obtain quality art without having to be super wealthy. Contemporary art is the emphasis at the fair, sold by 67 art galleries from around the world. And you have huge choices from sculpture, paintings and drawings, mixed media, and photography.

Nevertheless, if you want to go in style, we have got a (budget) option for you:

Get a discount on the 1st Abel taxi ride. Just mention the code: abel-affordableartfair when you reserve in the app.

Their story is: you can book ahead, cancel for free up to 2 hours before the trip, and the ride has a fixed price.

More information: Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam

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The 4 paintings in the images above: Systema gallery Yuki Harada achichi (2017) Japanese painting M6 €975 / Anquins gallery Monica Castanys Momentsofa (2016) 30x30cm €780 / Noordermeer Kunst Gert Bullee KEI glass (2015) from 40 cm € 600 – €900 / Frits Nolte, Vrouwen in een rode tent lino 26,5×27 cm €300
And the main image on top: Sille galerie & kunstuitleen Barend Houtsmuller Poivron Infrarouge 4 photo 115cm x 80cm € 960,-

2. Amsterdam Light Festival

30 November (through January)

This winter, contemporary artists light up Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Light Festival. Together they display 35 art pieces of which many will be installed alongside the canals. So wrap yourself in warm clothes and make a reservation on one of the boats that will take you along the ‘Water colors’ route. You will see works of all sizes and colors. Last year, many works were huge and had moving lights in them, transforming the landscape (or cityscape if you will). Silent as it is at some of the places during the night, the boat trip has an almost ethereal feel to it.

Headlines of this year’s edition is the art piece by Ai Wei Wei that measures 7 km of length! And if you happen to admit that you don’t know Ai Wei Wei, you have got to update yourself on Google. And visit the festival for your Ai Wei Wei deflowering. The festival organization must be incredibly proud to feature one of the leading contemporary artists this year! As a bonus, Ai Wei Wei made an art piece for the festival specifically which you can buy through the festival. It comes in limited numbers so this is a super chance to obtain art with a capital A (if you have that urge).

More information: Amsterdam Light Festival.

Credits f.l.t.r.: Impressions Amsterdam Light Festival Infinita Balmond Studio & Stadsstaren VOUW

3. Amsterdam Art Weekend

23 – 26 november

Amsterdam art weekend is a big deal. All throughout Amsterdam, there will be ART. You will find it in Stedelijk Museum, of course, but also De Nieuwe Kerk, The Black Archives, and a lot of galleries. And it will exist of exhibitions, installations, performances, conversations that you can attend, and music events. All melts together into one weekend-long event. No matter where you show up, there is something to discover.

What I specifically like about the art weekend: the routes. The organization made 4 routes through the city, themed ‘canal district’, ‘paintings and drawings’, ‘Jordaan 1’en ‘Jordaan 2’. Cool ways to hop by portions of the art weekend and enjoy the city at the same time. You will experience art galleries that you might otherwise never even find (let alone enter, whoa), museums like Foam (Photography museum Amsterdam) and Van Loon (17th century bourgeois home), and of course the streets of Amsterdam itself.

How to visit art fairs and take the maximum from it (and enjoy it), read my previous post Art fair tips

More information: Amsterdam Art Weekend

4. Re-opened permanent collection Museum of Fine Art Ghent

Museum for Schone Kunsten in Ghent, Belgium, has re-organized itself. Its impressive permanent collection is now reshuffled and displayed in renovated rooms. It’s a bit out of the Netherlands, but I didn’t want to let you unaware of this collection! There are works from the Middle Ages through the 20th century, but the most impressive part are the old masters of the 17th century. Ah, and by the way: until 1830, Flanders (the northern, Dutch speaking part of Belgium) was actually one country together with the Netherlands, until they seceded. I have never been, but the pit of my stomach rumbles when I see the selection of the permanent collection online.

5. Sticky Business: art exhibition on sugar

All through November, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

All over with Candy Crush, but when it comes to sugar we are never satisfied. Stedelijk Museum has an exhibition in which you can see art pieces on sugar and even made of sugar! Expect lots of works that will make you think about what sugar is and does, here and elsewhere in the world. And of course this is a good reason to marvel through the beautiful building of the Stedelijk Museum.

More information: Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Escher in Paleis Soestdijk

The great master of illusions, Escher, and his student Samuel Jessurun hang out at the royal palace Soestdijk until December 17.

More information: Paleis Soestdijk

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