The best of the big Maison & Objet 2015 fair in Paris

Nendo Chocolate Texture

The Maison & Objet 2015 fair in Paris is a wonderland. Art, design, furniture, dishes; everything that can be designed and that could find a place in your home and life, is here. The Maison & Objet fair aims to be an experience, rather than just a place where design is being traded. That means all the halls and exhibitions are big and impressive, as though they take you to a fantasy world. Read along about the best and most impressive of the January 2015 edition in Paris. 

Maison & Objet is a design fair in Paris, twice a year


Every year, Maison & Objet (M&O for insiders) hands out a prize ‘designer of the year.’ The title of 2015 is for Nendo, a Japanese brand. An interview with Oki Sato, brain of the brand, shows a very down-to-earth person who just likes to have fun. That explains why his designs are often humorous and surprising. Like the chocolates that he designed; they all have the same flavor, but various shapes, pointy, soft, bubbly, still make for your taste buds to experience each bonbon in a different way. Needless to say, Sato wants his creations to be functional, but always with an entertaining twist. Or, in the words of Nendo: “Giving people a small ‘!‘ moment.”

Chocolate texture Nendo Maisn & Objet 2015
Nendo Oki Sato

For the Maison & Objet 2015 fair Nendo presented a life-size room with chocolate furniture. And a few thousand of transparent sticks. Together it resembled a gigantic chocolate box with wrapping paper, only this time you feel like you are one of the, doubtlessly tasteful, bonbons yourself.

Maison & Object 2015: an overview

The Maison & Objet fair had countless other exhibitions curated by designers. Anne-Emmmanuelle Thion and Benoit Linero, photographers at the fair, made beautiful photos of them. Outstanding exhibitions were, for example, Techno Made (about modern technologies influencing engineering) and Hibiya Kadan (showing art for the walls made with plants). Due to copyright I really recommend you to take a look at them at the website of Maison & Objet.

Benoit Linero Maison Objet
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