Brafa art fair in Brussels and other travels

Press invite Brafa Brussels art fair

Good news at the end of 2015. Museologue received press invites for the one and only Brafa art fair 2016. More good news in January 2016: two shiny tickets fell on the doormat. We’re reporting from Brussels the 22th of January! And that’s not the only trip we’ll be making this year. We have just reached home straight from the beautiful Azores and the next flight is already waiting: Hamburg, Germany. You’ll be seeing more travel stories from us than ever before. We invite you to travel along and be inspired to make amazing trips and cultural visits for yourself. Happy 2016!

Spotify tip while reading this post: Urban photograph by Urban Cone

BRAFA 2016

We’re psyched to visit BRAFA in Brussels this January! The beautifully arranged stands from all over the world, the fancy decorations, unusual antiques and art: there will be more than enough to admire. We’re there before the art fair opens to the public and report the very same day. So don’t miss having the first glimpses of the fair on the 22th of January!

Some impressions from last year:

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