Central Embassy Bangkok: luxury shopping & food

Central Embassy Bangkok inside

The sky is the limit in Asia. And in Thailand this has manifested itself in the shape of a hyper modern shopping mall: the Central Embassy Bangkok. A must see when visiting the capitol. It is super fancy, futuristic, and has the best food court I have tried in Thailand, hands down. Not only candy to the eyes, but also to the taste buds!

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Central Embassy Bangkok

Central Embassy Bangkok is a shopping mall, but not an average one. It has all the luxury brands you can imagine. Gucci, MiuMiu, Chopard, Christian Louboutin, auch! And don’t be surprised to see the money rolling. Bangkok has a large prosperous population, locals and expats alike. This is their domain, but not exclusively! Even without the budget, the building itself is a pleasure to see. It is futuristic and shiny, loaded with well designed stores, XL art on display, and fancy bars. It’s also an oasis from the hussle-bussle outside. Central Embassy is just along one of the busiest roads and next to the BTS (the skytrain). In fact, you walk right from the BTS into the mall.

Architecture of Central Embassy

The colossus of Central Embassy is a shopping paradise: 8 levels stocked with the most luxurious brands on planet earth and 22 more for a hotel. It is all shiny, both inside and out, giving it a futuristic feel. With its round, organic design and white-grey shades, the architecture is a hint to the famous Guggenheim Museum in New York. It is minimalist and functional, without ornaments.

Architect of the Central Embassy is Amanda Levete Architects. She worked together with Jan Kaplicky until 2006. Together they made bold buildings, often in round shapes and futuristic. Central Embassy is very typical for their style.

Food in Central Embassy

The best reason to come to see Central Embassy is the food. In level -1 you find a whole floor filled with little food kitchens. Each makes dishes from one of the regions of Thailand. You can literally try the whole of the country in one place. And it is very affordable. More expensive than street food, of course, and slightly more expensive than elsewhere in Bangkok, but very affordable and worth every baht. Try the Kao Soi curry noodle soup from the Chiang Mai area, it is the best!

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Central Embassy: Ploen Chit Road, Bangkok.

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