City trip to Sevilla, Spain

Sevilla metropol parasol

We, Anouk van Schaik and Linda van der Meer, are de Kunstverleidsters (art-seducers). On our blog we create order in the huge range of art & culture in the Netherlands and abroad. We want to tempt you into going on art-adventures yourself. 

There are only few things more fun than preparing a city trip! To leave the summer of 2014 with a bang we went to Sevilla, Spain, to relax for a few days. This beautiful city had a priority spot on our wishlist, partially due to the Dutch television program ‘Wie is de Mol?’ in 2012. We put our must-sees down for you. 

Santa Cruz

The best neighborhood of Sevilla is Santa Cruz! When you go to this city you make sure you book a hotel in this area. Even better, book an apartment through Airbnb. We stayed at a top location around the corner of the Cathedral and the Giralda tower (also worth a visit!).

The neighborhood bursts with delicious tapas restaurants. Every time after dinner we took an evening stroll through the romantically lit alleys. There are many street musicians showing off their Spanish music. It makes you feel like you are in a scene of the movie ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona!’

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Flamenco music

You cannot leave this town without attending a Flamenco performance. Sevilla is known as the birthplace of this music and dance style and you can find pamphlets announcing shows on almost every street corner.

We decided to see a performance that has an English explanation about various styles within Flamenco. And we enjoyed it! There was beautiful music on guitar, passionate singing and the dancing itself was so temperamental that we were getting quite hot 😉

Plaza de España & Parque Maria Luisa

Every travel guide announces this highlight and we want to emphasize it yet another time. When in Sevilla you just have to visit the Plaza de España in Parque Maria Luisa: Wow! This palace was part of the world exhibition of 1929 and is built in different architectural styles. You can clearly identify Spanish influences, but the Morish culture is reflected in the stunning blue-white colored mosaics. The park itself is a refreshing place when temperatures rise above 30 degrees Celsius. Take a blanket and a picnic basket and you have yourself a lovely time in the midst of palm trees, amazing flowers, fountains and even little waterfalls.

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Metropol Parasol

The Metropol Parasol: this gigantic, wooden art work was designed to cool down the Plaza de la Encarnacion. Architect Jurgen Mayer won the competition with his design and saw his impressive structure opened in 2011. Inside you find an archaeology museum, various bars and a fresh food market. As adventurous as we are, we decided to climb the building (only  € 3,00, drink included!). There is a route on top to walk that reminded us a little of a rollercoaster because of the many turns and inclinations. It provides you with a super nice view over Sevilla. A must-do for sure!

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So we absolutely enjoyed our vacation in this romantic city. We hope we have tempted you to visit Sevilla for yourself!


Anouk & Linda

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