Diary: my exam in art history

Rotterdam central station

Remember your last exam? I do hope you passed it. There is nothing sweeter than passing exams. Especially after studying long, hard hours, spilling sunny days, sacrificing social time with your friends, and god knows what more you had to do to get it. But once you get that victory you realize: it was worth it. 

One year ago I took up a university course in art history. One of my favorite topics as you might have guessed after following Museologue. I write about art, I find it in countless museums and galleries, and I love talking about it. I also read stuff about it for fun. Nerdy, hardcore stuff, like theoretical works that I pick up in museum shops. I can’t resist them, even if they will just fill my coffee table for a while (I am always still reading other books first). I loved the hilarious How to visit an art museum by Johan Idema (tip if you want to have more fun going to museums). But after reading an seeing and hearing all that, I still felt like I missed a sound background in art. I am a historian after all, not an art historian.

And guess what? I passed the exam and received a certificate for 8,6 ects! I am counting for a historian with a sound basic background in art now. Whoohoo!

By the way, you might wonder what that photo stands for on top of this post. Well, I took my studying to countless different coffee bars across Rotterdam. One of the most memorial was this one in front of the brand new central station, sitting on a sunny terrace with this view: could it be any better? After months of studying and reading and drinking cappuccinos, I am looking for a new challenge. And this photo, taken a few days before acing my exam, stands for the sky. No limits. I haven’t made my mind up about that next challenge. What’s yours?

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