Fashion photographer Guy Bourdin shocks Somerset House

Guy Bourdin nails

Guy Bourdin still shocks! The master of fashion photography has an exhibition in Somerset House, London. It is the largest show ever and displays images that were never shown before. And boy, do they impress! From sensual to sexual, always with intense colors and never without a twist: if you want to start 2015 with a bang, you pay Bourbin’s work a visit. Better do so before March, the end of the exhibition Guy Bourdin: image maker.

Guy Bourbin (1928-1991) was an influential fashion photographer. He adorned the French Vogue with unforgettable photos from the 1950’s until the 1980’s. That is how he impressed millions of fashion mademoiselles, despite (or thanks to) his work often balancing at the edge of classiness. His recipe often involved glamour and shine mixed with nudity and eroticism. And when I say glam in the eighties, you know it’s ON!

Guy Bourdin: Image Maker // Somerset House, London // until March 15
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