Giant glass museum depot in Rotterdam: Collectiegebouw

Collectiegebouw Boijmans Rotterdam depot

Hold on, architects of MVRVD strike again! As of 2017, they embellish Rotterdam with a giant mirroring tea cup inside Museumpark. It will keep an entire art depot inside of 70.000 pieces of the Museum Boijmans. Now hidden in far-away underground depots and rarely shown, these pieces will then available to all of us, right next to the museum. In a futuristic building with a forest on the roof. Its name: Collectiegebouw. One more reason never to skip Rotterdam, woah!

MVRVD, who?

The creative minds of MVRVD (a.k.a. among the best architects in the world) designed many, and I say many, mind-blowing buildings in the world. Common factors? Futuristic, windows, never-seen-before. The bureau produced the impressive market hall in Rotterdam, the Chungha building in Gangnam, Korea, and the cubic DNB House in Oslo, Norway, just to name a few. Not surprising that MVRVD came up with the idea for a giant glass museum depot. And they will pull it off, you’ll see.

Collectiegebouw, where?

The depot building will rise right next to Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, opposite of the New Institute (Architecture Museum). The depot will be places inside Museumpark. That raised many questions about the park’s green oasis, threatened to be lost. They say the park will remain the way it is. The depot will be built right at the beginning of it.

Besides, it will be a round building existing entirely out of mirroring glass. That way it will reflect its green surroundings. On the roof it will have a ‘tree labyrinth’ where you can admire sculptures and enjoy a creamy cappuccino while treating your eyes with a splendid view over 010 (Rotterdam’s nickname). So green, that’s what the park will still be. Only this time it will have more art.

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