Interior design: Santa Teresa Hotel in Rio

Santa Teresa Hotel Rio de Janeiro

Beach resort meets discovery traveler; that’s the kind of the design you find in Santa Teresa Hotel in Rio de Janeiro. Wooden sculptures of elephants and armadillos, natural colors, and views over the ocean, seen from spacious balconies. I especially love the grand loft where you’d almost expect Darwin to collect fossils or something. Inspire with this interior design!

Spotify-tip while reading: I can’t go for that by The bird and the bee

You find Santa Teresa Hotel in a historical neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro: Santa Teresa. It’s full of 19th century architecture. But make a note for yourself: *must have money*. This 5-star hotel is for special occasions! Sometimes there are good deals, but generally you will spend around 400 euro for a simple room. Want the Master suite or Loft? Prices start around 1.000 euro. And guess what? They were booked this March!

On a budget? Or craving a little more color? Check out this article about design hostel Rioow, also in Rio de Janeiro!

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