Las Palmas architecture in Rotterdam

Las Palmas Rotterdam

Most Rotterdammers will remember clearly; the Las Palmas under construction. The creation of a round penthouse of top of the old, cubic-like office building. A terminal-ish space, where project developer OBG made its offices and that fits perfectly with the pier that frequently hosts cruise ships. The building was instantly hip when it was completed in 2008. Another successful fusion of old and new, that we see all throughout Rotterdam. And Kop van Zuid (the peninsula in the river Maas) is the king of it.

Saved from the bulldozer

Did you know that Las Palmas escaped the bulldozer? The building of 1953 has its origins in the Holland-America line, the famous connection between continents. After the cruise ships were limited to a minimum, and also the ship construction activities here stopped, they could not find a purpose for the building in the modern city. Noone could imagine a good design that was financially smart. At first it became the scarecrow of the peninsula. Can you still imagine?

Herman de Blijker: famous chef in Las Palmas

Nowadays Herman de Blijker (famous in the Netherlands) makes a lot of noise in the building in his restaurant Las Palmas. It’s all about fish, meat and poultry now, with a high standard wine card to accompany it. The neighbors are an amazing photography museum (read more about the Dutch Photo Museum and 4 other best museums in Rotterdam). If you have some energy left you can party in the large club space on the second floor in the evening. Throughout the year this space is also used for temporary exhibitions.

Hip and culinary hotspot

In short, the Kop van Zuid has a lot more to offer since 2008 and it’ s really worth a visit. There’s architecture to admire and even a bridge to the other side of the river arm on the back, leading to Katendrecht, a historical neighborhood that has dried up to be a culinary hotspot. Try it out!

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