Moooi: Dutch design label goes global

Moooi Milan 2016

Moooi comes from the Dutch word mooi and means beautiful. The third ‘o’ is just to make it stronger. So it’s clear what the founders think of their designs. Do we feel the same? Absolutely! Now the label opened its fourth store and really start to conquer the world, it’s time to dig a little deeper. From designer / art director Marcel Wanders to the new CEO, from Amsterdam to New York, London, and Tokyo. What’s next?

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What’s Moooi about?

Moooi was founded by Marcel Wanders, a well-known designer in and outside of the Netherlands. His compagnon was Casper Vissers and together they started Moooi to bring creative furniture to the market. Many of the pieces they sell are from the hand of Wanders, but they’ve always worked with other design talents. In the 15 years of Moooi existence, the label carries pieces from Bertjan Pot, Maarten Baas, Piet Boon, Neri & Hu, and many, many more.

At Moooi you can go quite crazy on your interior. A horse lamp the size of an actual horse? You can find it here along colorful carpets and cloud-shaped sofas. Most of the items have a twist to them. Furniture with a character, if you ask us.

Who is Marcel Wanders?

A gotta-know name in designer world, baby. Marcel Wanders is a big name in the Netherlands who also got recognized around the globe. He is known best for his knotted chair, now a design classic. It is literally a chair made of knotted rope and it actually seems to be comfortable to sit in. Wanders created the chair back in 1996 and after that only 1000 have been made. So having one means having something quite special. Just gotta spend over € 2500, but you’ll have a famous design that will be printed in design books for the next 100 years. And you will have 1 piece in common with museums like the MoMA in New York and Victoria & Albert in London.

The latest big thing by Marcel Wanders is his hand made book of € 6500 with paintings from Rijksmuseum. A masterpiece by itself. Read more about this crazy book in our post about it.

Next step: London and Tokyo

The brand has its roots in Breda, the Netherlands. Not quite a cosmopolitan city, although really cute and full of nice design stores (see our article about design in Breda here). But after opening in New York in 2015, Moooi just opened a third store in London. A true cosmolitan, that’s for sure. And at the end of June 2016 they will go as far as Tokyo, Japan. Impressive expansion! Take a look inside their new London store.

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