Northmodern design fair Copenhagen 2015

northmodern Scandinavia design

The Northmodern design and lifestyle fair kicks off today. Furniture, cashmere shawls, porcelain vases, for decoration or purely practical, colorful or pristine. You can find it all here in Copenhagen. Here, designers exhibit their latest ideas and innovations for three days. The perfect place to discover endless beauty!

The fair is great for people who work professionally with design and want to be up-to-date with the last of the last. But if you just want to be stunned from a personal interest, you will definitely enjoy yourself here. Most pieces might be slightly above your budget, but there are affordable culinary treats to enjoy. And some of the exhibits are so well done, they feel like a wellness spa for the eyes. Enjoy!

18 – 20 January
Start: 9 pm
Center Boulevard 5 Copenhagen

Northmodern Gallery

Mother of the design fair is the Northmodern gallery. This internationally oriented gallery represents both well-known designers and design brands looking for a gigantic public. However long or short their careers, they create remarkable stuff. Impressive shapes, materials and concepts adorn the gallery’s showroom. Definitely worth a visit, if only for the visual experience!

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