Gotta know: Selgas Cano Office in the Woods

Selgas Cano Office in the Woods

How’s your office? Do you have enough light, space, nature, nice views? The employees of architecture bureau Selgas Cano Office sure do! At the risk of developing tunnel vision they created an inspirational office in the woods: a long-stretched space integrated in greenery and bathing in sunlight. You just gotta know this!

The architects duo Selgas and Cano wanted their employees to work in an office optimized for inspiration. Believing deeply in the powers of nature, they built their master plan in the middle of the woods. And so you can find their unconventional tunnel-shaped office near Madrid, Spain, where every single desk has an undisturbed view on nature. Sunlight floods into this office thanks to the transparency of one entire “wall”, while the other wall provides the necessary shade. All of it is made of thick acrylic material, plastic fantastic!

The interior of the Office in the Woods is fresh white and yellow; light and happy. A pleasure to the eye. It has some sixty’s feel to it while modern technology brings the office back to the 21st century. The place feels safe and cozy, despite all of this intense brightness. That’s because the tunnel-office is built halfway under the forest’s surface. This way, the office keeps cool in Spain’s hot summers. Having nature at eye-level: a dwarf’s dream!

And now for some footage to show what we are talking about!

All these beautiful photos were shot by Iwan Baan.
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