Sky bar Bangkok: a view from the 48th floor

De Museologue in Thailand

It might not be Bangkok’s greatest architectural asset, but the Marriot Hotel has another card to play. It has a sky bar on top of the 48th floor! If you do not feel the slightest wimp of a butterfly in your stomach on your first view down, you might not be human. The view is wider than you could imagine, putting you on top of the world. The only thing separating you from the skies is a waist high glass fence. Freedom never tasted so much like vacation.

Spotify tip while reading about Bangkok:

In the eastern part of metropolis Bangkok you find Thong Lo area. Expats gather in this neighborhood because of its broad array of upscale restaurants and massage clinics, the modern Skytrain (BTS), art galleries and gyms, offering luxury and good comfort. In recent years the Marriot Hotel added a highlight to this colonized area. This five star hotel is super glamorous, but you can stay here for a modest 110 euros per night having a city-overlooking swimming pool at your disposal (see the picture I found online).

But the best of all is the infamous sky bar on top of it. And that’s where we are going!

In fact, we went twice during our time in the capitol. Sky bar Bankgkok is a dream for many reasons, the first being that the skies are never the same. So we made sure to see it during daylight, sunset and nighttime. A second reason is the warm wind that hugs you. Bangkok is always hot and even at a height of several hundred meters it is warmer than a Dutch home in wintertime. If you like cocktails, you have a third reason to visit. They are good, really good. With the lounge music oozing through the air, this place makes you feel far, far away from home. And from Bangkok’s ridiculous traffic down below.

Sky Bar Bangkok Marriot Hotel practical

  • You can find the sky bar at 4 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 2. If you show the address to taxi drivers, they will know where to go. You can also tell them you want to go to BTS (= Skytrain) E6 (Thong Lo).
  • Prices are higher than elsewhere in Bangkok. The cocktails are still cheaper than they are in European bars. It is more than worth it.
  • Wear closed shoes. You do not have to be dressed formally, but they want to fend off bums and therefore do not allow flip flops on deck.
  • Do yourself a favor and go right before sunset or during a partially clouded day. It allows for the most interesting views up there.

Enjoy! And drink one for us, because we miss it!

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