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Inspiration is like hope: you need it to have fun in life. It makes you see endless possibilities and chances in life. And to connect and learn from cool people around you. I wish you no less in 2018. Read on to find out my sources of inspiration. 

If inspiration comes both from within as from people around us, I can report to be fully loaded from both sources. Inspiration usually strikes when I feel good. And this year was exceptional.

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Sources of inspiration

This year I had over two months of vacation after swapping jobs. I made the absolute most of it by traveling to Iceland, Portugal (thrice), London, Paris (twice), Berlin, Madrid, Brussels, and my own country, the Netherlands. Next year there is almost as much on the calendar. Not only am I engaged to be married to the best person in my life, who constantly improves me as a person, we are also planning on two (!) honeymoons within the next half year.

It bring us to the mid western plains of the United States, along the route 66 and the canyons in Utah. Before our wedding, why not?? And after the wedding we retreat to the flowery island of Madeira. To think back of our wedding day and, let’s be honest, just unashamedly enjoy the bright sunlight.

But what 2018 will really be about is getting married. In the mountains of northern Portugal, between the trees surrounding an old stone quinta. I’m constantly day dreaming of the wedding day, the dress that I found, the people who will be there celebrating with us, and the picture perfect forest where it will all take place. OMG, if that won’t foster inspiration I don’t know what will.

An inspiring career

My inspiration on personal leadership, skills, and success comes from my own job. Thanks to knowing what motivates and energizes me, I decided to swap jobs this year. This was the best decision ever, as I never worked with so much energy before. My new job requires me to be nothing but myself. And it pushes me towards being the best version of myself. What’s more, my skills are appreciated and that feels like an incredible luxury.

In 2018 I expect to take much inspiration from starting new projects. Those will require me to travel and work with experts from around the globe. I will develop my skills in project management and I will improve myself in the art of influencing people and situations towards common goals. And through it all, I hope my colleagues will inspire me as much as they did this year. All of this will be huge sources of inspiration for articles here on Museologue.

Share inspiration

So as another new year begins, I want to inspire and keep being inspired. Superlatively and cumulatively. In other words, my inspiration antenna is ON! How’s yours? What are you doing in 2018 that will inspire yourself and others around you? What are your sources of inspiration?

I can’t wait to interview interesting people. Gals and guys with cool jobs, who made bold career moves, have extraordinary hobbies, travel the world, or who stand out in any other way. And I can’t wait to discover mind blowing art out there. Or any other inspiring thing that people create. I will find new releases of indie music for the articles on Museologue. And I look forward to amazing events and locations to hang out at. I will tell you all about them.

What are you going to do in 2018 that inspires others?

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