TEFAF: the largest art fair in the Netherlands

TEFAF, the time when the city of Maastricht buzzes with art, antiques, and performances. The prosperous flock to MECC, the city’s exhibition center, in flashy suits and with neatly put up hair. Anyone with an impressive kind of money and even a remote interest in art will be here, because the most important art fair of the year takes place from 16 until 22 March. We give you 3 reasons why you should know about the biggest fair on earth. 

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What art you find at TEFAF

Art and antiques baby! Anything you can think of. It’s a huge bonanza of art, everywhere you look. So not afraid of an overdose of art? TEFAF is your place.


In fact, the quality of the items being presented here is so high that museums go for them before you do! The best visited museum of the Netherlands, Rijksmuseum, just bought a large painting last week. Gemeentemuseum Den Haag was also interested and went for a drawing. And this is not the first time that art pieces shown on TEFAF find a nice place in a museum exhibition for you to see again. That’s different with all the fortunate private buyers striking a deal on the fair. Those works often disappear into private homes and collections for only a few to enjoy.

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But before private collectors buy their art & antiques, they receive a well designed showcase in the spotlights. TEFAF is not only a fair, it is more like a pop-up museum. It’s a vast exhibition where you can enjoy the treasures on display even without the means to buy them. And if you do feel slightly out of place, there is more affordable art to see throughout Maastricht and surrounding cities. Local artists and performers show their creations. TEFAF is more than an art fair, it is a giant happening that turns Maastricht into the cultural capitol of the Benelux for one whole week.

The art pieces in the pictures are, from top to bottom, left to right:
Agrigrente by Nicolas de Staël, 1954
The Letter by Jean Simon Fourier – Cavallo e Cavaliere by Marino Marini, 1955 – Figure Zoomorph  by Max Ernst – Rice houses by Wolfgang Laib
Sofa by Vilhelm Lauritzen, 1942 – Earrings by Mauboussin Paris, 1970 – World Atlas by Johannes Blaeu, 1663 – Synthetic Resin by Alberto Giacometti, 1980
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