The top 3 artists of massive snow drawings

Sonja Hinrichsen snow drawings catamount

An epic Christmas. In the Netherlands we throw off our shawls and open our jackets, because it gets to 14 degrees during the days. Looks like the warmest Christmas of this century and the last is coming up. But when I think of epic, I imagine places where snow blocks front doors. Where reindeer can be hired to take you for sleigh rides. Where the landscape blinds the eyes. And where artists create amazing drawings in snow fields. Follow these three artists this winter for some cold Christmas inspiration!

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Snow drawings by Sonja Hinrichsen

The great master of snow drawings is Sonja Hinrichsen. For years, she has ventured to places like Colorado, France, and New York to make her dreamy designs in the snow. And to organize the local population to help her and create the largest snow art pieces on earth.

During the rest of the year, Sonja Hinrichsen studies ways of influencing nature and environment in art. She is a photographer and makes installations and videos. Follow her work at These photos are found on her website, including the main photo on top of this post.

Snow drawings by Simon Beck

Simon Beck has invented snow art in 2004. The organized kind, that is, not just snow angels. Originally an engineer with a love for geometrical shapes, he changed careers for being a cartographer. The combination of the two resulted in impressive snow art, his specialization. He transforms landscapes to unforgettable images. King of snow drawing!

His work is gathered in a book he sells on this website: These are some photos taken from that website. He also has a very active Facebook page where countless of people follow him.

Snow drawings by Jim Denevan

A true landscape artist is Jim Denevan from California. He is specialized, as you will, in temporary art. His pieces are eventually erased by water, wind, or snow. In the summer he creates patterns on the beach or salt planes, in the winter he does it in the snow. His work are nothing short from gigantic. He created humongous snow drawings in uninhabitable Siberia in the winter of 2010. Do be amazed.

You can see his work on his webpage These photos are found there.

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