Two mind-blowing restaurants in Madrid

Bumpgreen Madrid

‘Our food is like a delirium, a gastronomic hallicunation.’ Yes, that is how I would describe the food at Peyote San in Madrid, too. A surreal mix between two cuisines seldom properly mixed, here Mexican and Japanese flavours dance on the top of your taste buds and it’s awesome. This is not the only surprise I got in Madrid. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner treat your eyes to a feast in the tastefully decorated Bumpgreen, where all is green (both the interior as the food). Both close to the city center, with these two options it has never been so easy to make your stay in Madrid at least culinary amazing.

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Peyt San / Peyote San

Peyt San is short for Peyote San and serves up dishes like Japanese curry, Mexican tacos, and anything in between. Do not be surprised if your starter consists of a cute basket full ow prawn crackers with lemon and Mexican salsas. And why not? These flavours seem to get along like the best of friends!

Peyt San is easy to reach, close to the center of Madrid. It sits right on the corner of Calle de Génova and if you can’t walk, the metro will spit you out at Colón, which is practically next to Peyt San.

Not only the food is great, so is the interior. There is no doubt about it: Peyt San has been decorated by a designer with a cool taste. Expect some funky yellow shelves, colorful chairs, fish shaped jugs of water by Serax (I have them at home too), and street-style pop-art coloring the walls. But not all is wild, as some other walls are kept neutral and colors are carefully balanced out. A cosy fire burns in the corner and the dining sofas look comfortable, giving the place a warm feel. In other words, look no further for a stylish eat!

Website of Peyote San


A mid-century bakery shop restaurant; that is kind of what Bumpgreen looks like. The wooden walls are painted dark saturated green and are adorned with botanic pictures. The place has countless nooks begging for someone appreciating café con leche (it’s quality coffee here!) and a good book. I just love granting my eyes a good travel around Bumpgreen, because it is just so well decorated. Tall exotic plants and huge black shade lamps give it a very homely feel and gold-colored lamps in geometric shapes make for an art deco touch. In the back there is a separate room with natural light falling in from the glass ceiling. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ceiling opens up in the warm summers.

Ah yes, and apart from the great coffee, there is food. Simple, honest food. And green, of course! There is ample choice from biological dishes, from a creamy avocado tostada in the morning to oven baked fish late at night.

Bumpgreen is close to the Retiro Park, just north of it in the super fancy Calle Velázquez. A great start for a walk around the park and through the expensive neighborhood Salamanca, where the buildings are tall and adorned with chiq neoclassic façades. Pass by the huge Puerta de Alcalá, one of the remaining entrances to Madrid from the time Madrid was a walled city. And pass by the beautifully shaped church of San Manuel y San Benito, with its beautiful dome that shimmers inside. In short, let your eyes feast today!

Website of Bumpgreen

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