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Do you know that feeling of melancholy at the end of the summer? Or rather, at the early signs of Autumn, when the air gets crispy and the sun already sets on your way back home from work? I always go through a few days of uneasiness, each year, not sure whether to be happy or sad.

Spotify tip while reading: Sun Song by Laura Veirs


I am going to miss my long afternoons in the park with a good book about art. Sweet wine by my side, distracting myself with scrolling for inspiring blogs on my smartphone. But sure, the autumn has a lot of charm. I love the warm and deep colors in nature and everyone’s outfits. The long evenings on the couch with my love. The dark, red wine on the side table and Museologue on my laptop screen. Writing posts for whom ever finds them on a rainy Thursday evening.

There is one more thing I love about autumn: the shelter of museums getting ready for the new season. The cultural season that always starts with a wildfire of exhibitions. October always begins with blockbusters that everybody has to see! Brand new exhibitions are waiting for me and my equally-brand-new camera.

This September there were and are no foreign trips on the menu. But breath out, there is so much to do in our own Rotterdam and the rest of Holland. The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam bubbles with modernist energy now Munch and Van Gogh started competing and completing each other being displayed side by side.

The New Institute, usually an architecture and new media exhibition space in Rotterdam, trans-morphed into a fashion museum. Temporarily, that is, but it is the only national fashion museum in the Netherlands. And there will be stuff like fashion design and art industry critique (yummy!).

keith haring colonizing RotterdamI’m also looking forward to seeing (and meeting) Keith Haring’s work in the Kunsthal, also in Rotterdam. Nicely political and at the same time colorful and light-footed. The city is colonized with Keith’s signature figurines, on the subway stations, shopping windows, and billboards. Exciting!

In short, I am slowly letting go of the summer and feeling ready to release my warm couch blanket and my boyfriend. It is time to get to the museums this season. And I am feeling happier already at the thought of all that art-ertainment!

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