Video in the church: Oursler in Amsterdam

De Museologue @ Amsterdam

You’re gonna love this one: video in a church. Not just video, but huge projections at places that creep you out! Ever viewed a church this way? Well it’s gonna happen in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam if you go see the exhibition I/O underflow by Tony Oursler. Got to know more?

[vc_blockquote type=”type1″]”…it’s like the church got hacked”[/vc_blockquote]
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Oursler’s exhibition opens at


Oursler’s last Dutch work was 


Oursler’s projections show faces that somehow integrate with the church interior. The wooden panels, historical colored windows and stone walls seem to be somehow hacked with images. As if something possesses this ancient building. The effect of sounds, whispering, singing and humming enhances your sense of a disturbed reality. What is true? And what is image? And where are you in that spectrum?

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The Old Church in central Amsterdam is over 800 years old. It is recently renovated and shows statues that were long lost since the 1566 iconoclasm. Their faces look aften as sad as Oursler’s faces. Then does one kind fit better in a church than the other?

More information:

Oude Kerk

Tony Oursler

Tony Oursler is an American artist who makes video projections, sculptures, performances and paintings, often in combinations. The human figure is often leading in his work.

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