Violinist Abraham Brody plays your personality

Abraham Brody The Violinist in Present interview

How’s this for a museum experiment: a musician plays a piece based on what he sees in you. What? In the middle of a museum room, in Fondation Bayeler Switzerland to be precise, violinist Abraham Brody plays for you personally. As he looks into your eyes (scary!) he picks up your mood or whatever else he might sense from you, and improvises a piece of music. It is confronting, it is beautiful, it is super skilled. Check it out!

The project is called The Violinist is Present and was organized by curator Marina Abramovic. Abraham keeps playing for visitors one at a time, until his inspiration runs dry. He says that some people take him only a few minutes to “play”, but other people could keep him playing for hours because they keep changing emotions. Check his website for more information:

But foremost, check out this video! In this interview with violinist Abraham Brody you find out about his ideas and (very impressive) you can see him play for some people. Nice!

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