Where to be at Art Rotterdam Week 2015

van nellefabriek Art Rotterdam Week 2015

Art Rotterdam, the fair that keeps international art lovers fascinated with art and design (and make them greedy). It’s not a fair like all others! Instead of focusing only on the big names, the organisation also stimulates young artists who have bright futures ahead of them. This year, the event finds a spectacular host in the Van Nellefabriek: THE modernist architecture example of Rotterdam.

Some parts of the fair take place outside of the Van Nellefabriek. To keep all of this organized for you, we made an overview with all things going on at the fair so you know which ones are interesting for you. 

Main section

The Art Rotterdam head chunk takes place in the Van Nellefabriek. This is where you can find the presentations of a long list of galleries. Some special parts of the fair are found here as well, like Prospects & Concepts, We Like Art, Intersections and some sushi (oh yeah!). There will be debuting galleries to the fair as well as recurring ones. I’m afraid it will be hard to find a very structured way through all this eye candy. Interesting detail: Art Rotterdam hosts quite some Belgian galleries and invited many Belgian art collectors. Why? Because 2015 is the year of Dutch-Flanders relations.

New Art Section

The New Art Section is a loving side of Art Rotterdam. The fair gives a chance to new, upcoming galleries to show themselves. Obviously, to be at an art fair costs a fare, but for these galleries there is a reduced fare to grant them this opportunity. It is their chance to show themselves to art buyers. There will be 24 galleries, all showing only one of their artists: solo exhibitions. The Art Rotterdam organisation is proud to announce that this is the most international section, since 20 of the galleries are international. One of the Dutch galleries is Frank Taal from Rotterdam, elected best Dutch gallery of 2015. Promising!

New Art Section Art Rotterdam

We Like Art

We Like Art is a non profit organization.But they also have a website where you can buy high quality art for under € 1.500. Aim is to make people want to buy art without being scared off by tantalizing prices. And so they have made a selection with work to show during Art Rotterdam. You can find them directly opposite of the main entrance in de Van Nellefabriek.


OBJECT is a design fair, independent from Art Rotterdam. But it takes place during the same days and it works together. At OBJECT you can find the latest designs in jewelry, furniture, clothing and many more categories. This you can find at the cool SS Rotterdam, a former cruise liner between America and Europe. It has a permanent place in the water at the dock of Katendrecht. You can get here by car or free Range Rover shuttle between Wilhelminaplein and the SS Rotterdam. Look for more info at www.objectrotterdam.nl.

Prospects & Concepts

This is a section with artists who received financial support by the Mondriaan Fonds. This is a fund that stimulates young artists and cultural initiatives. The artists that were invited to exhibit at Art Rotterdam receive funds since 2013 to jump start their careers. We can now see what they’ve made of it in the Van Nellefabriek. 13 of them present their work, from paintings to video art and much more. This is a matter of supporting young artists.


Intersections is new this year! This section, also in the Van Nellefabriek, shows art that wasn’t made to sell. This is free art and new art initiatives. Think video art, performances and installations. About 13 artists will be contributing, for many it will be their first exhibition. Give them an audience!


This section is a specific one: only video here! There will be very large screens in the Van Nellefabriek where 12 video’s will be shown. 6 of them will have a public for the first time! They all contribute to a competition, for which a jury will pick a winner. That video will have co-ownership of two large Dutch museums (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam & De Hallen in Haarlem).

projections Art Rotterdam

Art Rotterdam practical info

Art Rotterdam Week

Date: 5 – 8 February

Location: Van Nellefabriek (Van Nelleweg 1, Rotterdam)

Free shuttle buses between the Van Nellefabriek, Boijmans van Beuningen, Wilhelminaplein, Witte de Withstraat Vierhavengebied

Tickets: Art Rotterdam Website

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